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RiftTime is a Creative Technology Company that provides Interactive and Immersive Solutions.

We love to have you on our page. We are a passionate team about creativity, technology, gadgets, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Arduino, 3D Modeling... we think you get the idea. We like a challenge and are always in search of daring and interesting projects that combine various areas in order to create the most interesting experiences. Below you can find a short description of what technologies we use and work with. If you ever want to share an interesting or maybe even crazy idea that you would want to bring to life, please use the form below. 

Development and Interaction: Unity, Unreal Engine, Touch Designer
Programming: C#, C++, Python, JavaScript
Mobile Development: iOS, Android, AR Kit, AR Core

3D Design, 3D Modelling and Texturing: Blender, 3DS Max, 4D Cinema, Maya, Substance Designer, Quixel, 3DCoat, Polybrush
Video Editing, VFX and Post Production: Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe After Effects, Touch Designer, Unreal Engine
Animation and 2D Design: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Toon Boom, ZBrush




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